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MIT Professional Education breaks down barriers with new French offering

MIT Professional Education continues to eliminate geographical and language barriers, launching seven online programs in French for professionals around the globe.

By venturing into the language of Molière, the American university makes great strides in its mission to provide more equitable access to renowned MIT knowledge. With the addition of French to its existing portfolio of programs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, MIT Professional Education’s online programs are now available to more than 1.2 billion people around the world in their native languages.

A flourishing global language

With approximately 220 million native speakers throughout Africa, Europe, and North America, MIT Professional Education vastly expands its reach with this new offering in French. In line with the university’s technological ethos, the programs center around technology, innovation, and leadership and are now available to millions of French-speaking professionals across 29 countries.

Many of these professionals are located throughout Africa, a continent currently undergoing rapid population growth. Accordingly, this expansion seeks to provide an increasing number of francophone professionals throughout the continent with unparalleled access MIT expertise for years to come.

A multidisciplinary offering

After evaluating different educational options to launch in French, MIT Professional Education has developed an initial offering of six online programs and one professional certificate program—consisting of multiple courses for a more in-depth learning experience—for 2021:

  • Digital Transformation: Technologies and their Practical Applications,
  • Leadership & Innovation,
  • Cultural Awareness for Global Business,
  • Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation,
  • Blockchain: Disruptive Technology,
  • Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions and
  • Professional Certificate Program in Digital Transformation.

Diversity, leadership, and cutting-edge tech are the protagonists of this initial French-language portfolio. With most of the world’s leading institutions traditionally offering programs solely in English—whether online or in-person—MIT Professional Education again takes the initiative to break down physical and language barriers to provide more equitable access to world-renowned technological expertise.

A mission of diversity

In 2020 alone, MIT welcomed students from 118 countries to its classrooms and labs. With the addition of French as a lingua franca for learning, the university draws closer to its goal of building and maintaining a community that celebrates diversity.

About MIT Professional Education

MIT Professional Education provides continuing education courses and lifelong learning opportunities for professionals at all levels, regardless of their location. Worthy of note is that MIT professors and lecturers lead and teach all MIT Professional Education offerings. For more information, visit

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