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Cultural Lessons from a Multicultural Life Journey

In this webinar, Bhaskar Pant, Executive Director of MIT Professional Education, delves into the dimensions of culture, explores the connection between language and culture, explains the five stages of cultural awareness, and tells us how diversity, if handled correctly, can foster innovation and improve an organization’s performance.

We cannot deny the fundamental role technology plays on every aspect of our lives.

In this webinar, Professor de Weck delves into the concept of technology roadmapping, exploring it through real examples and projects such as the one applied at Airbus between 2016 and 2018.

Join Prof. Olivier de Weck, Dr. Bruce Cameron, and Dr. Timothy Simpson as they discuss the winners and losers of the COVID-19 global pandemic. They consider the pandemic’s impact on the manufacturing industry, as well as the implications for product development, manufacturing, and product platforms. Finally, they introduce MIT Professional Education’s newest online program, Designing Product Families: From Strategy to Implementation.

Transforming the Legal Sector: Legal Tech

Learn more about the links between technology and law, as well as the role of Legal Tech with Prof. John Williams, Executive Director of the MIT Geospatial Data Center, and María José Esteban, Associate Professor at Esade Law Department, and Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Law School.

The Invisible Hand of Culture in Culturally Diverse Teams

When it comes to culture, people tend to look at food, dress, music, and art as visible examples of cultural differences. However, MIT Professional Education’s Executive Director, and expert in intercultural communications, Bhaskar Pant noted that there is a multitude of “invisible” examples of culture, and it was this aspect of culture that formed the focal point of the webinar.



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Stream the latest digital trends on the go with MIT Professional Education’s Faculty in our channel: ‘The Digital Transformation Journey’. Learn and discover how technology is changing every single aspect of our lives, and how we, as humans, can benefit from it.


Bridging the gap between leadership & inovation with Dr. David Niño

During the quarantine period as a result of COVID-19, we made use of the opportunity to connect via conference to explore the concept of leadership with Dr. David Niño. He gave an overview of the key takeouts of our Leadership & Innovation online program, which he both created and teaches.

To Plan or Not To Plan with Prof. John Williams

Prof. John R. Williams, Director of the MIT Geospatial Data Center, explores how planning in the traditional sense is near impossible given the current environment and the influence of technologies in our daily lives.

Virtual Audiences with Dr. Abel Sanchez

The sports industry is valued at about $1.3 trillion USD, but most importantly, it is adored and supported globally. The shared experience, the excitement, the roar of the crowd, it’s something that has become part of our daily lives.


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