Sensory Intelligence & Smart Technology

Learn about the fundamental sensing, computing, and communication software at the core of IoT+ technology!

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APRIL 20, 2021


JUNE 22, 2021

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$2,700 USD
(10% early enrollment discount available until March 23, 2021)

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About Beyond IoT: Sensory Intelligence & Smart Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and work on an unprecedented scale. Advances in technology make it essential for organizations to ensure they have employees who have a sound knowledge of concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain.

The driving force behind this program is the recognition that advances in the sciences and technologies of sensors, computation, and communications enable unprecedented opportunities to realize designs for, and scale manufacturing of genius systems and which provide previously unimaginable insight into, and control over, the condition of our world.

This program will use case studies to demonstrate the fundamental concepts and showcase cutting edge research which enable new generations of sensors. Throughout the program you will study the fundamental sensing, computing, and communication software technologies at the core of the recent flurry of activity on IoT+.

The technology for, and uses of automated sensing, thinking and deciding are deeper and richer than IoT, and in this program we want you to grasp the concept of the technology beyond IoT (IoT+). For this reason, we will learn about more than just IoT and simple Machine Learning.

Throughout this program you will study the fundamental sensing, computing, and communication software technologies at the core of the recent flurry of activity on IoT+.

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After completing this program, you will:

Be able to assemble, create, specify embedded and IoT+ systems and sensors where hardware and software interact.

Be able to specify and select commercially available kit or components.

Design IoT+ products using hardware and software.

Solve data science problems using modern machine learning techniques.

Devise solutions for industrial cases (transport, healthcare, and agriculture etc.) using IoT+.

Lean how to build complete systems that include hardware and software, and about modern, exciting hardware prototyping platforms early in your career.

Design and deploy telecommunication networks for IoT+ use cases.

Use sensors, sensing technologies, and embedded systems in the context of IoT+.

Apply the theory behind the IoT+ to construct real applications and improve them using smart technologies.


This program is aimed at:

  • Engineers and engineering managers.
  • Design and manufacturing engineers seeking to learn about data and modelling in a manufacturing environment.
  • Data scientists looking to apply their craft to the growing field of smart manufacturing.
  • Consultants who want to add value around the latest technology transformations in manufacturing.

Functional and cross-functional teams are encouraged to attend together to accelerate the smart manufacturing adoption process.


Throughout the program, you will be guided to understand all the program content so that you are able to complete the required activities.

However, to complete the various activities, you will also need to:

  • Have previous knowledge of programming software (preferably MATLAB and/or Python).
  • Have access to software development environments, such as MATLAB and/or Python.
  • Advanced level of physics and mathematics.

To make the most of this program, participants must have enough time to deepen their knowledge and to learn techniques and theories on which the exercises are based.



Introduction, Markets, Needs and Trends


Sense Part 1


Sense Part 2










Integrate Part 1


Integrate Part 2

  • MODULE 1: Introduction, Markets, Needs and Trends
  • MODULE 2: Sense Part 1
  • MODULE 3: Sense Part 2
  • MODULE 4: Compute
  • MODULE 5: Learn
  • MODULE 6: Locate
  • MODULE 7: Communicate
  • MODULE 8: Integrate Part 1
  • MODULE 9: Integrate Part 2


“Learning by doing”

We believe in practical applications and implementing what you learn. That’s why at MIT Professional Education, we will give you the tools to make your experience as fulfilling as possible.

Participants will have the chance to participate in an engaging and collaborative classroom environment with discussion forums and group activities. The participants of our programs can interact directly with peers and program facilitators.

This program is completely online

The virtual campus is available anytime, anywhere. It is a space for continuous learning far beyond the limitations of a traditional classroom.

You can find more information on the program methodology and the evaluation criteria in the program brochure.


At MIT Professional Education, we are committed to accompanying organizations as they aspire to provide their professionals with the ongoing education critical for success in today’s competitive environment.

That’s why we offer plans for companies who wish to train their professionals with us:

  • Working teams or groups of at least 10 people are eligible for special rates.
  • Custom programs, tailormade for the need of any company and its professionals.

For any more information on our corporate Custom Programs, please contact us at


All participants who successfully complete the program will receive an MIT Professional Education Certificate of Completion, as well as Continuing Education Units (CEU)*.

*A CEU is a credit unit equal to 10 participation hours in an accredited professional program.


MIT Professional Education offers a number of benefits for participants who successfully complete the Beyond IoT: Sensory Intelligence & Smart Technology program:

  • 15% discount for MIT Professional Education online programs and short-duration in-person programs.
  • Invitation to the LinkedIn group “MIT Professional Education,” exclusively for alumni.
  • Networking opportunities with other MIT Professional Education alumni.
  • Exclusive announcements of new courses, programs, and events.
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Jerome Wiesner, president of MIT (1971-1980), described the experience of studying at MIT as “drinking from a fire hydrant.” Living and learning at MIT requires endurance, consistency, and a great deal of determination.

Our professional programs reflect and instill these essential capabilities. The “Fire Hydrant Award” was born as a way to acknowledge those students who demonstrate a constant thirst for learning and the ability to put knowledge into practice. This award is also given to participants who embody MIT’s core values: excellence, meritocracy, courage, humility, curiosity, and a passion for problem-solving and improving society.


Dr. Brian W. Anthony

Associate Director, MIT.nano

Dr. Anthony is Director of MIT’s Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Program, Co-Director of the Medical Electronic Device Realization Center, and Deputy Director for the MIT Skoltech Initiative. With over 20 years’ experience in product realization—Dr. Anthony won an Emmy (from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) in broadcast technical innovation—Dr. Anthony designs instruments and techniques to monitor and control physical systems. His work involves systems analysis and design and calling upon mechanical, electrical, and optical engineering, along with computer science and optimization, to create solutions.

The focus of Dr. Anthony’s research is in computational instrumentation—the design of instruments and techniques to measure and control complex physical systems. His research includes the development of instrumentation and measurement solutions for manufacturing systems and medical diagnostics and imaging systems. In addition to his academic work, he has extensive experience in market-driven technology innovation, product realization, and business entrepreneurship and commercialization at the intersection between information technology and advanced manufacturing. His teaching interests include the modelling of large-scale systems in a wide variety of decision-making domains and the development of optimization algorithms and software for analyzing and designing such systems. He has extensive experience in market-driven technology innovation as well as business entrepreneurship.



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$ 2,700 USD

(10% early enrollment discount available until March 23, 2021)

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