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MIT Experience in Lima

For the second year in a row, MIT Professional Education gathered almost one hundred participants in an afterwork meetup in Lima, Peru with the goal of sharing experiences and creating synergies among the vast Spanish-speaking community in Latin America.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a vision to share knowledge worldwide. To do so, it has launched online programs in Spanish in order to break down geographic and language barriers and train professionals in the many new technologies that are transforming our economic and business realities.

Bogotá will host the next MIT Professional Education afterwork events

This meeting joins an ambitious agenda of events and workshops that MIT Professional Education has launched with its strategic partner Global Alumni, and the next destination is Bogotá.

In the words of MIT Professional Education’s Director of Global Programs, Clara Piloto, “We are breaking barriers of language and distance at a very special moment – the age of digital transformation has begun, and as a consequence there are many questions we must learn to answer. I want to encourage you to never stop learning. What we call ‘lifelong learning’ will be a key component of the new model of professional development, and therefore, of companies as well.”

Students from a variety of MIT Professional Education programs were able to meet, exchange experiences, and foster synergies between experts with similar interests, as well as share a wide range of knowledge in very diverse fields and industries.

Students highlighted the quality of the program, the excellence of the faculty, and the opportunity to share experiences with professionals from around the world

Jordi Sanmartí, graduate of the programs Leadership and Innovation and Digital Transformation, shared that “these programs helped me understand new trends and gave me the necessary tools to be able to apply them in my company. The most valuable parts were the overall quality of the course, the excellent instructors, and the possibility to share knowledge with my peers. Without a doubt, studying with MIT Professional Education is a truly enriching experience.”

Roberto Villanes, graduate of the Leadership in Innovation program, told us that “this program not only helps you discover your own leadership abilities, but also teaches you how to transfer the drive for innovation to your team, enabling them to reach new heights. Additionally, it’s helped me get better results with my customers.”

An enriching experience

Víctor Hiumettri, graduate of the program Digital Transformation, highlighted that “Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taken an important step by bringing its programs to Latin America. Professionals here demand quality education and knowledge from MIT, not only in English but in our own language as well.”

This meeting represents a further addition to a series of reunions that MIT Professional Education will continue to host in different countries, both Spanish-speaking and otherwise.

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