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Digital Blended Learning – Beyond Online

MIT Professional Education is revolutionizing the digital learning experience. In fact, we’re no longer talking about online-only, but rather an interactive and collaborative learning experience, that’s digitally powered.

That’s because not only will you be exposed to one of the most innovative e-learning platforms, that utilizes the latest technology, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet and work with some of the world’s leading subject matter experts in the fields of technology.


Going digital

Our Digital Plus Program takes participants on a creative learning journey that is made up of iterative learning, live online webinars and excellent multimedia content. The program is coordinated by an expert industry learning facilitator that’s available at all times.

Blended programs – Beyond online

The concept of studying online with us goes beyond a strictly digital learning experience. With MIT Professional Education, you’ll have an opportunity to:

  • Attend international workshops and live webinars.
  • Collaborate and engage with world-renowned MIT faculty.
  • Learn from external facilitators, guest speakers and subject matter experts from various industries.
  • Meet and network with other program participants from all around the world.

Even though our online programs are open to hundreds of participants, each cohort is capped at 50 participants. And, by connecting digitally and working in much smaller groups with colleagues from around the globe, you’ll have the feeling of a personalized learning experience, as if you were in the same classroom.

Join the MIT community and go beyond online

Once you’ve completed one of our programs, you’ll be part of the MIT Professional Education community. And, as part of this community, you’ll be invited to attend exclusive events and workshops with other alumni, professionals like yourself, and with the MIT Professional Education team.

MIT Professional Education has succeeded in creating a revolutionary global learning community that will lead to a better world for future generations.

Find out more on our programs here.

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