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Launching MIT in Spanish

In the search for a prestigious program for the continuous training of professionals, MIT Professional Education is internationally recognized as a guarantee of excellence, both for the strictly academic and networking opportunities it generates, as well as for its extensive track record of successful businesses. As a result, there has been a great unfulfilled demand for years in the Spanish-speaking community for the MIT Professional Education programs. MIT in Spanish is the answer to that demand, trying to break down barriers: we provide the best MIT programs in Spanish and with the flexibility that the blended methodology offers.

MIT in Spanish has been made possible under the agreement between MIT Professional Education and the Spanish-American company Global Alumni, dedicated to bringing the best postgraduate programs from the most prestigious universities in the world to Spanish speakers. Along with the academic category that endorses them, Global Alumni aims at offering the best online teaching infrastructure and a team of professionals who work every day to improve the student’s online educational experience.

In the midst of this number of innovative talents for a more effective training, it is a chance that MITPE in Spanish offers the course in Leadership in Innovation, which trains leaders with technical skills to develop the sensitivity and creativity necessary to foster innovation in their organizations.

Innovation is necessary nowadays in order to unravel the enigmas of the present digital economy and to build leaders capable of transforming a business world influenced by the fast-paced new technologies. MIT in Spanish introduces continuous quality training into the Spanish-speaking community, respecting the times, distances and, in short, the real possibilities of the professionals who will become its students.

Therefore, MIT in Spanish is an opportunity for the expansion of knowledge aimed at the best professionals and which is adapted to the globalizing trend in a world with less frontiers for the economy, for the circulation of information or for business and personal contacts and networks.

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