Legal Tech in the Digital Era

MIT Professional Education in collaboration with Esade

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Legal Tech in the Digital Era

MIT Professional Education in collaboration with Esade

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Unveil the history behind this Professional Certificate Program

For the first time, MIT Professional Education (USA) is collaborating with Esade (Spain) to deliver the Professional Certificate in Legal Tech in the Digital Era.

This 13-month online program covers the six areas that all firms and lawyers should know:

  1. Leadership and Innovation
  2. Legal Tech
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Legal Marketing and Business Development
  5. Cloud & DevOps: Ongoing Transformation
  6. Legal Operations
The objective?

To allow participants to acquire the knowledge that is treasured by both academic institutions, who are leaders in their designated fields: technology and law. Upon completion of the program, participants will have the training and skills necessary to make a difference in today’s environment, which combines both disciplines.

A Certificate in Legal Tech to be more competitive

The golden opportunity

Technology changes much faster than the law. This, which at first glance may seem like an obstacle, is actually a golden opportunity to stand out among the many legal businesses operating today and the thousands of lawyers completing their law degrees, almost like photocopies. Because if you’re not different, you become easily replaceable.

All professionals in the legal sector know how to use office automation tools or databases such as Thomson. However, advanced knowledge of the latest technologies can modernize the operations of the most established businesses and place any small firm above the big names in the sector.

The challenge

It is not simply a matter of learning how to program. The Legal Tech Professional Certificate proposes a change of mentality to firms and lawyers who are always on the go and want to offer their clients what other competitors cannot. “Being well positioned” is no longer an excuse.

  • Adding crowdfunding services to your portfolio.
  • Getting clients through content marketing.
  • Reducing the notary burden.
  • Promoting yourself as a consultant.

These are some of the technological applications to the legal sector. Are you encouraged to transform your organization and be more than a legal professional?

The skills you will develop

The main objective of this program is to bring legal businesses closer to the transformation demanded by their sector and to enrich the profile of the participants by applying Legal Tech to their professional activity. In order to do so, we propose a journey through three territories of knowledge that will turn them into 2.0 legal professionals with a critical vision of the technological landscape.

Get the tools


New technologies

Assimilate the fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing and DevOps.

Update the tool portfolio and carry out more efficient operations.

Incorporate new skills and abilities of claiming in the legal sector.

Adopt the skills


Human skills in the digital era

Acquire consultation habits to keep abreast of changes in the legal market.

Identify trends and behavioral patterns in the transformation of the sector.

Develop a critical mind to choose which technologies can be beneficial.

Tell the world


Marketing strategies

Transform classic law firms into competitive firms in all areas.

Design a 360° marketing strategy (online and offline).

Strengthen relationships with key clients.

In addition, you will receive a Certificate of Completion

All participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded an MIT Professional Education Professional Certificate. In addition, they will also be granted individual certificates of completion for each course from MIT Professional Education, and from Esade, respectively.

* A CEU is a unit of credit equivalent to 10 hours of participation in an accredited program for professionals.

The impact, since day 1

In your organization

So far, we have talked about transformation and growth, but what are the real and specific applications of Legal Tech in your profession? Hint: they have nothing to do with replacing the lawyer with a machine.

Technology is an enabler of progress, but not an agent. The agent is you. That’s why Legal Tech is especially effective in companies whose leaders are already predisposed to try new things. These are some of its practical applications:


The Cloud is not an application that can be bought, configured and operated. It is a platform, a mechanism and an ecosystem of all-in-one solutions. Law Practice Management programs (also known as Legal Management or Case Management) allow, among other things:

  • To store data securely and leak-proof.
  • To schedule and track the times of each case.
  • To maintain a more fluid communication with the client.
  • To manage documents more efficiently.
  • To link data between cases in order to take advantage of the work already done.


Legal professionals have the role of translating human interactions into a boardgame composed of code that allows:

  • Automatic issuing of invoices.
  • Signing, sending and editing contracts with Contract Lifecycle Management Systems.
  • Generation of Smart Contracts.
  • Registration of digital rights (on images, audio, video, designs, etc.).

Internet of Things

There is already a smart version of almost everything you can imagine: cars, phones, televisions… And we must legislate for this new reality considering the privacy and data protection laws.

In your professional life

By entering all these applications into the daily agenda, you can give a twist to your organization and add several extra titles to your profile to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. You will no longer be just a lawyer, but also…

Try combining your first and last name with any of these three functions and imagine your new LinkedIn Summary. Sounds good, doesn´t it?

Who is this Professional Certificate aimed at?

Large law firms, boutique firms, private companies, government agencies, consultancies, notaries … where there is a lawyer, there is an opportunity to change the way things are done.

This program is specifically designed for lawyers and legal sector professionals (paralegals, notaries, solicitors, compliance specialists, justice administrators, etc.) who want to apply technology to their legal operations and transform their organization or acquire an important competitive advantage to face new projects.

    that want to speed up their processes. generate more value for their company or offer cutting-edge services to their clients.
    such as insurtech.
    who want to position their business better.
    who wish to update or expand the skills of their employees.
    professionals seeking to specialize in the legal sector.
    within companies in the legal sector.

Whether you fit into these profiles or not, this program is for you if…

You feel overwhelmed by the change or you think you need an update.

You consider yourself a life-long learner.

You need to incorporate a competitive advantage to your business.

The journey at a glance


New Technologies

To know how to apply, in an accessible way, the technologies that are changing the business.

  • Legal Tech
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud & DevOps: Ongoing Transformation


Human Skills in the Digital Era

To learn how to lead in today´s technological context.

  • Leadership & Innovation


Marketing Strategies

To show the world the new skills you have acquired.

  • Legal Marketing and Business Development
  • Legal Operations

Meet the instructors of this program


Dr. David Niño

"Leaders learn to find important problems but define them in such a way that allows a team to come together to solve them".

David Niño teaches in the Bernard M. Gordon Engineering Leadership Program at MIT. Previously, he was Professor of Engineering Leadership Practice and Management at Rice University. During this tenure, he led the creation of the first four-year certificate in engineering leadership and was director of Rice Leadership, the university’s leadership development program.

A former professor of management, Dr. Niño has published on leadership, ethics, corporate culture and the development of professional management skills. He has conducted research in cutting-edge technology environments and is currently interested in researching how leadership develops among engineers and in engineering organizations. Dr. Niño has taught leadership since 1998 at the undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and executive/professional levels.

He is currently a founding officer of the Leadership Development Division of the American Society for Engineering Education and advises professional and executives on leadership and development issues.

He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Texas, Austin, where he also studied his Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration and his Master of Arts.

PROGRAMS: Leadership in Innovation


Dr. Abel Sanchez

"Five technologies are redefining both the way we make our products and the types of opportunities that exist in the marketplace".

Dr. Sanchez is the architect of the global network “The Internet of Things” and data analysis platforms for SAP, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Shell, Exxon Mobil and Altria. In cyber security, he has developed cyber-attack impact analyses for the U.S. Department of Defense and a password firewall for the IARPA.

Dr. Abel Sanchez holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and teaches MIT courses in cyber security, engineering, blockchain and data science. He has been involved in developing educational software for Microsoft and establishing the Accenture Technology Academy. He has produced over 150 educational videos, has 10 years of experience with learning management systems and has made deployments in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

PROGRAMS: Digital Transformation · Cloud & DevOps · Blockchain


Prof. John R. Williams

"Once you climb that first mountain of knowledge, you will be able to teach yourself many things".

Professor John R. Williams’ research focuses on the development and application of computing algorithms in distributed cyberphysical systems. He was director of the Auto-ID Laboratory, where the Internet of Things was invented. He is considered, along with Bill Gates and Larry Ellison, one of the 50 most powerful people in “Computer Networks”.

He is author and coauthor of more than 250 articles in journals and conferences. Professor Williams teaches courses on the basics of programming, modern software development, the architecture of web, cloud and blockchain systems. In addition, he holds a BSc in Physics from Oxford University, an MSc in Physics from UCLA, and a PhD from the University of Swansea.

PROGRAMS: Digital Transformation · Cloud & DevOps · Blockchain


Eugenia Navarro

Eugenia Navarro is a chemical engineer from the Sarrià Chemical Institute in Barcelona, having graduated in Chemical Sciences from the Ramón Llull University. She has a degree in Strategic Marketing Management from Esade and a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, and has also completed a training program in Leadership in professional firms at Harvard Business School. She began her professional career in the legal sector as Director of Marketing and Business Development for Baker & Mckenzie in Spain in 2000.

She is currently a consultant and her professional activity is focused on strategic and innovative projects in the legal sector – both in national and international law firms, and in multinational companies.

Eugenia is a professor in strategy and legal marketing at the Esade Law School, where she directs various courses in the field of management, such as Management of company lawyers, among others.

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