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MIT Professional Education is offering a new program to help professionals improve their intercultural and global leadership skills so that they can succeed in today’s multicultural business environments.

“At MIT Professional Education we strive to make our knowledge available to as many people as possible, anywhere in the world, with any number of different experiences”. – Bhaskar Pant

“Taking advantage of and understanding a team’s cultural diversity will make any company a more competitive and global organization. At MIT Professional Education we bet on the integration and enriched coexistence among cultures as an unquestionable value to improve the labor market and, in short, society”. – Clara Piloto

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APRIL 20, 2021


MAY 25, 2021

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$950 USD

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Cultural Awareness for Global Business

We live in an increasingly multicultural and global business environment. More and more professionals need to know how to adeptly interact with people of other cultures, both from their own companies and from other companies.

Accordingly, we at MIT Professional Education have launched a program to help professionals thrive and operate effectively in this context of cultural diversity: Cultural Awareness for Global Business.

We want to equip you with the tools necessary to help your businesses and advance your careers. In this program, you will learn about culture’s enormous impact on how we see the world, so that you can learn to solve problems and to avoid needless, counterproductive misunderstandings when working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

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Thanks to this online program, participants will:

Learn about the concept of culture and its relationship to language and communication.

See why and how the cultures in our professional environments differ from each other.

Discover how and why cultural differences impact the global economy.

Find out how to successfully conduct business in a multicultural setting.

Learn to avoid common communication problems that are caused by culturally-shaped differences in expected etiquette and nonverbal communication practices.


Cultural Awareness in Global Business is a multidisciplinary online program that is relevant across industries and sectors. It is relevant to professionals in a wide variety of positions and in companies of many sizes. In short, it is tailored to any professional looking to develop her or his abilities to perform satisfactorily in cross-cultural environments, especially international business environments.


“Learning by doing” Methodology

Our programs are highly collaborative; they feature discussion forums and group activities. Our programs are also practical and results- driven. Professionals get hands-on learning experience and they acquire skills and tools that they can immediately use to benefit their organizations and their careers.

This program is completely online

The virtual campus is available at any time and is accessible from any place. It is a continuous learning space without the limitations of a traditional classroom.

You can learn more about the program methodology and evaluation criteria in the brochure.


At MIT Professional Education, we are committed to accompanying organizations as they aspire to provide their professionals with the ongoing education critical for success in today’s competitive environment.

That’s why we offer plans for companies who wish to train their professionals with us:

  • Working teams or groups of at least 10 people are eligible for special rates..
  • Custom programs, tailormade for the need of any company and its professionals.

For any more information on our Custom programs, please contact us at


All participants who successfully complete the program will receive an MIT Professional Education Certificate of Completion.

Participants will also receive 2 Continuing Education Units (CEU) after filling out a required accreditation form. These CEUs are calculated for each course based on the number of learning hours.

Certificate Online Program in Cultural Awareness


MIT Professional Education also offers online programs, like Cultural Awareness for Global Business, to Spanish-speaking professionals.

For more information, visit our Spanish Website.


MIT Professional Education offers a series of benefits to participants who successfully complete the Cultural Awareness for Global Business online program.

  • 15% discount for MIT Professional Education online programs and short-duration in-person programs.
  • Eligibility to join MIT Professional Education’s invitation-only alumni group on LinkedIn.
  • Opportunities to network with other MIT Professional Education alumni.
  • Exclusive announcements about new courses, programs and events.
Fire Hydrant Award | MIT Professional Education

MIT Professional Education
Fire Hydrant Award

Jerome Wiesner, former president of MIT (1971-1980), described the experience of studying at MIT as “drinking from a fire hydrant.” Life and learning at MIT require firmness, constancy and a great deal of determination. Our professional programs attempt to instill these competencies.

Thus, the Fire Hydrant Award was born. It recognizes those who demonstrate their dedication to learning, their ability to put knowledge into practice, and their adherence to core MIT values, including: excellence, courage, humility, curiosity, a passion for solving problems, and a desire to improve society.


Bhaskar Pant

Bhaskar Pant

Bhaskar Pant is the Executive Director of MIT Professional Education, the arm of MIT that provides technical professionals a gateway to MIT expertise.

Under his leadership, MIT Professional Education has substantially increased the number of corporate relationships that it maintains, and the number of programs that it offers. Professionals from more than 120 countries participate in its on-campus, international, online and hybrid programs, which cover topics ranging from AI and biotech to real estate and leadership. This global expansion is linked to Mr. Pant’s service on the MIT President’s Task Force on ‘The Future of Education at MIT’ – he contributed to the sub-committee on ‘Bringing MIT to the World.’

Prior to joining MIT, Mr. Pant held senior leadership positions in academic and corporate organizations around the globe.



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